February 16, 2019: Oak Lawn Cemetery History presentation, First Baptist Church Mahan

Photo: courtesy First Baptist Church Mahan. Extended thanks to Dr. Steven G. Blunt, pastor of First Baptist Mahan, for the invitation to speak.

My presentation before the honored congregation of First Baptist Church, Mahan Street, on February 16, 2019. As a cemetery volunteer, it’s pretty rough to be physically disabled, as a person with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), on dialysis for four years, and then the (lucky) recipient of a kidney transplant in 2000. I was “volunteered” by two officers of the Cemetery Foundation to give the presentation before being consulted, so it was fortunate that the 15th-16th was the one weekend where I didn’t have another presentation scheduled. Despite the short notice, I was happy to give the presentation, to meet members of First Baptist Church, and to support the ongoing preservation of a community institution like Oak Lawn Cemetery. Thank you so much to Pastor Blunt, and the congregation of First Baptist Church, Mahan, for the warm and respectful welcome. It was really an honor. I hope I did a good job. Glad to be a part of the ongoing important work for this historical site.

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