Suffolk’s Oak Lawn Cemetery: A History, May 2019 – Suffolk Happenings, Harambee Communications, Inc.

Written by historian Nadia K. Orton, April 2019. Photo credits: Nadia K. Orton (unless otherwise noted.) All rights reserved.

Photo credits: Group photo, Eye Catch Photos, February, 2019. Bottom photo: Nadia K. Orton, 2013
Photo credits: Phoenix Bank of Nansemond building, Nadia K. Orton 2013. Gravestone of Dr. William T. Fuller and family, Eye Catch Photos, February, 2019.
Photo: Rev. James A. Harrell, date unknown of 2nd Lt. William H. Walker, Tuskegee Airman, Nadia K. Orton, 2012.
Photo credit: Lower tiers of Oak Lawn Cemetery, Nadia K. Orton, 2013.
The Nansemond Collegiate Institute, ca. 1908. Library of Virginia
Photos: Top left, Dr. William T. Fuller, date unknown. Top right, gravestone of World War II veteran Joseph Wilson, Nadia K. Orton, April, 2019. Bottom photo: members of New Pauls Temple Holiness Church of Deliverance, Memorial Day Weekend, 2018, Nadia K. Orton, May 26, 2018.

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