The Southern Claims Commission: Edwin T. White (1871)

Photo: Nadia K. Orton, 2014. All rights reserved.

Records of the Southern Claims Commission:

“Between 3 March 1871 and 3 March 1873, Southerners filed 22,298 claims before the Southern Claims Commission (SCC) based on the fact they:

(1) were loyal to the Union during the Civil War
(2) had quartermaster stores or supplies taken by or furnished to the Union Army during the rebellion (Later, materials supplied to or taken by the U.S. Navy were also included.)

Southern Loyalists made 22,298 claims for property losses totaling $60,258,150.44. However, only 7,092 claims (32%) were approved for settlements totaling $4,636,920.69. Claimants had to prove their loyalty and loss through the testimony of others. The paper trail created by the claimants and the people who came forward to testify, for or against, included relatives, neighbors, friends, former slaves, and free people of color. Their testimony provides a wealth of information about individuals living in the South during the Civil War.” (St,Louis County Library)

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