Tropical Storm Isaias Update: Views of Oak Lawn
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Tropical Storm Isaias Update: Views of Oak Lawn

Tropical Storm Isaias Update: Views of Oak Lawn

Photo: Nadia K. Orton, August 8, 2020. All rights reserved.

We checked up on Oak Lawn after Tropical Storm Isaias. With two confirmed tornados touching down in the city, causing wide-spread damage to residential and commercial structures, we expected a lot worse damage. The grass is growing up fairly high again, but that’s not surprising considering the recent heavy rains and warm temperatures. There are many large, broken branches scattered about the cemetery, most from older trees that we recommended to be removed two years ago. There’s also two dead trees that came down on the Jones Family plot. Thankfully, they both missed the monument in the plot, which is the largest in the cemetery. We’re contacting a few folks to see about the tree removal. Despite the damage and grass, the mapping project continues. We were able to successfully map thirty more gravestones during the visit.

Nadia Orton

Professional genealogist and public historian. Graduate of Duke University. President of the Sacred Grounds Project, Inc. Studying historic African American cemeteries and communities.

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