Memorial Day at Oak Lawn Cemetery, 2021
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Memorial Day at Oak Lawn Cemetery, 2021

Memorial Day at Oak Lawn Cemetery, 2021

Photo: Nadia K. Orton, May 21, 2021. All rights reserved.

In recognition of Decoration Day, we made a mid-morning trip to Oak Lawn Cemetery, to place flags in honor of the one hundred-plus veterans that rest there. I had a terrible stomach ache, but “bit the bullet” (so to speak), with a promise to take care of myself the rest of week. We met many descendants, and some had already visited, judging by the mass amount of fresh flowers and whitewashed graves. Some family members, upon seeing all the flags, asked for one for their ancestors. We had plenty, so for every one requested, we handed over two or three. In addition, cemetery descendant and family friend, Margaret Wynn, came by with her daughter, and helped plant flags on about ten veterans graves I’d missed. (Thanks!). All told, the nagging internal discomfort was heavily overshadowed by assisting the families, and honoring freedom fighters whose graves were bare. Always remembered, never forgotten.

Nadia Orton

Professional genealogist and public historian. Graduate of Duke University. President of the Sacred Grounds Project, Inc. Studying historic African American cemeteries and communities.

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