The Negro Business League of Virginia meets in Suffolk (1907)

Negro Business League of Virginia 1907

“It will be remembered that in our last annual gathering, Suffolk was designated as the place of meeting this year. Wednesday, July 10th, was the time set for the opening of our meeting. The coming together of the Negro business men and women in these annual gatherings is doing much good to advance the interest of our race. It makes no difference how much wealth and prosperity there may be among the race, it cannot be very effective in giving the race power, influence and proper respect unless the progressive, business element get together in organizations – for in union there is strength.

We, therefore, call upon all the local leagues, all the business men and women, and those who follow professional, industrial and domestic pursuits, to meet us in Suffolk, July 10th, in our third annual gathering for the express purpose of taking into consideration those things which will tend to advance the cause of our race.

It is expected that some of the officers of the National Negro Business League will be present. We shall make an effort to have with us Dr. Booker T. Washington and Fred R. Moore.

Suffolk is a beautiful, wide awake hustling little city. Its colored population is progressive and engaged in many business pursuits. It is only twenty-three miles from Norfolk, and during the week of the Business League, we will go over to the Jamestown Exposition in a body and hold a session by the courtesy of the officers in the Negro Building.

Committee on Arrangements at Suffolk: John Marshall, Merchant; W. H. Crockett, Liveryman; M. B. Hucless. B. D., Ins.

Done by order of the Executive Committee:

W. F. Graham, Pres.

W. F. Denny, Asst. Sec

John T. Taylor, Recording Secretary

E. C. Brown, Cor. Sec.” – The Richmond Planet, Saturday, June 15, 1907

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