Richmond, Virginia: Historic Evergreen Cemetery/The Enrichmond Foundation (2018)
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Richmond, Virginia: Historic Evergreen Cemetery/The Enrichmond Foundation (2018)

About This Project

Ongoing research into the history and interments of Evergreen Cemetery (est. 1891), Richmond, Virginia. Curious as to how many family members we’ll find here…


In June, 2018, I began working with the Enrichmond Foundation and their preservation effort for Evergreen and East End Cemeteries, as a member of the Executive Planning and Review Team (ExPRT). In 2015, I discovered a formerly unknown African American Civil War veteran, Sgt. Edmond Carter, 45th Regiment, U. S. Colored Infantry, and submitted his biography to the official Evergreen Cemetery page in 2019. Sgt. Carter’s biography may be read here.

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