Franklin County, North Carolina: Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church (2021)
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Franklin County, North Carolina: Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church (2021)

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Family History - Franklin County (NC), Franklin County (NC), Genealogy, Neal - Franklin County (NC), North Carolina
About This Project

Visiting Walnut Missionary Baptist Church (1873), Louisburg, Franklin County, North Carolina, Mother’s Day weekend. I’ve written previously on my ancestor’s, great-great-great-grandfather Abram Neal’s, involvement with this church. In 1873, Abram partnered with Mr. Dennis Foster and William Debnam, to purchase one acre of land for Walnut Missionary Baptist. Although I’m not sure where Abram is interred, Dennis Foster, and his wife Roberta, are buried in the church cemetery. As there were families present in the cemetery on the day of our visit, tending to graves for Mother’s Day, we respectfully changed our plans to search the cemetery for the graves of Dennis, Roberta’s and perhaps even my ancestor Abram, sometime in the near future.